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The Trusted Outcome

Personal and Investment Funding
Providing guidance for property purchase and loan refinances, securing the most suitable loan options and optimising financial arrangements for now and into the future.
Business and Cashflow Funding
Navigating through the complexities of business funding, we offer tailored financial solutions to support various aspects of operations, ensuring businesses receive the necessary resources to thrive and grow.
Mergers, Aquistions and Buyouts
Facilitating seamless transactions, our services assist businesses through coaching and advice to assess potential targets, coordinate due diligence, and negotiate transaction terms to drive value and achieve strategic objectives.
Equipment and Machinery Funding
Enabling businesses to stay competitive by providing the necessary financing to acquire, upgrade, or expand equipment and machinery resources, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

What's Inside the Black Box? Podcast

Jacqui Colwell - Setting Credit Culture in a new SME Bank - the importance of team alignment.

The conversation provides a comprehensive look at Jacqui Colwell's experience in launching a new bank in Australia as the Chief Risk Officer. It explores her motivations for leaving a traditional banking role and starting a new venture...

12 September 2023
Geoff Green - What happens when things don’t go to plan – how to work with your Bank or Debt Financier.

In this episode, we delve into the world of “Bad Bank”, credit risk, and expert witness advisory with industry expert Geoff Green. With over 35 years of experience in finance, insolvency, credit risk, and credit advisory, Geoff brings a...

30 August 2023
Cindy Batchelor – Business start-ups working with SME banks – what should you think about in working with an SME banking partner?

In this episode, Cindy Batchelor discusses transitioning from leading Australia's most prominent business banking division to launching her small business start-up, Spiritum Scrubs. Cindy's executive background includes executive ...

16 August 2023
Dragan Petrovic - The start-up experience – was being a start-up CEO all you expected it would be?

During the start-up phase and being the CEO of Nura, several key points of reflection emerged. Here are the main takeaways:1. The Genesis of Nura: The idea for Nura originated from a discussion among a group of music-loving engineers who ma...

4 August 2023
Season 1 Introduction

A podcast for Searchers and the EtA community to demystify being a CEO with Australian debt

2 August 2023

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. the second best time is now.